BlackJack developed by Globalslots gaming system with 3 tables, doubling of a bet and insurance

Globalslots game store could not be without the most popular card game in casino world – BlackJack or Twenty-one. Our system presents the European version, ‘Exposure’ game or ‘Double Exposure’, as well as the use of insurance bets.

The rules of BlackJack in our system are simple and are in complete accord with real game prototype. There are six 52-card decks on the table. Aces score 1 or 11 points. Paints and tens score 10 points. Other cards score according to their nominal.

The player bets in the dark, in total a player can make 3 different bets on three different tables or ‘boxes’. Two cards are handed on each table, the dealer receives one card. The player can pick up additional cards on each box. The aim of the game is to get the sum of points, to the maximum extent close to 21. The more points in the hand, the higher is the hand.

If the sum of points is more than 21, the player looses at once. If 21 points are scored right from the hand (ace and 10-point card), this hand is called blackjack. It is deemed to be higher than any other hand having 21 points. If the dealer’s hand is higher than a player’s hand, the player losses his bet. If both hands have equal value, a draw is declared and the bet returns to the player. If a player gets the highest hand, he wins and his bet is paid at the rate of 1:1. However, is a player has a blackjack, his bet pays at the rate of 3:2. In addition, BlackJack by Globalslots has a possibility to double a bet after the hand of cards; for instance, if a player gets a strong hand.

Special mention must be made of an insurance bet. If the dealer has an ace, a player is usually offered an insurance (if he doesn’t have a blackjack) or an equal pay (if he has a blackjack). Insurance is actually an incidental bet. The size of an insurance equals to half a base bet. A player bets on dealer’s blackjack. If it happens, the insurance pays at the rate of 2:1. Otherwise the insurance is lost.

  • Classic BlackJack rules
  • 6 decks 52 cards in each
  • 1, 2 or 3 hands per game
  • Player can double bet after first distribution
  • Player can use insurance if dealer has Ace in the first distribution