Hi Lo Switch

Hi/Lo Switch card game created by the developers of the Globalslots gaming platform with classic rules of the real game and fixed bet limits.

Another card hit in the Globalslots game store Deluxe is Hi/Lo Switch game, not less popular than BlackJack, but simple, and self-explanatory for any player, that only increases the excitement.
The rules of Hi/Lo Switch are rather simple, a player bets (in our system the size of bets varies from 10 to 200 credits), after that the dealer hands 3 cards on the table. The player selects one of them, then he needs to guess whether the next card is higher than the selected.
Win rate depends on the nominal of the chosen card, if the player decides that the next card is higher than his choice, pay with the ‘Jack’ selected is higher than that with ‘five’ or ‘six’. If the player thinks that the dealer will hand the minor card, the game logic works vice versa.

  • Bets from 10 to 200
  • Classic Hi/Lo Switch rules